About Us

Derailed Douchebaggery is a social news and entertainment website created by young aspiring writers. While many may frown upon the name of our site, we would like to mention that the word ‘douchebaggery’ doesn’t carry any negative connotation with it. There may be many different meanings designated to this word, we simply choose to acknowledge ‘douchebaggery’ as a summation of odd behaviors. Our purpose isn’t to provide information with a mundane attitude but to approach our readers with an informal and unique style of media.

We strive to provide our readers with trending topics which not only affect their lives but also sheds light upon various facets of life. Our work is a venture where various bloggers come together to form something grand and illuminating. Derailed Douchebaggery is a platform which offers its insight on various issues and enables the readers to interact with us. This independent online social media hopes to set a different trend in online entertainment all together.