Are You Really Going to Wear That With…That?

Every time I explained the concept behind this shoot,people looked at me like I was crazy. You want them to wear whaaat?

The motive behind this shoot was simple- think of the most out of the way things, things you never thought would work and make them work.Those odds and ends in your cupboard that make perfect sense when you pair them,even though no sane person would actually pair them together. Fusion fashion. A jugalbandi of oddities,if you will.

Together with a photographer with the most insane ideas and two equally risk taking models,we came up looks which are some of my personal favourites.

Desi with a Twist



I know my good TamBrahm mother would be horrified if I mentioned that I tied a Kanjeevaram with a crop top and tights but,well..I did. The rich colour of the silk is perfectly offset by the black tights and lace top,while the gold in the borders is highlighted by the golden cuff. Traditional earrings, a clean high ponytail,winged liner ,wedges and a red lip round off the look.


It takes a brave man to pull off a lungi with a crisp shirt and a blazer,and Abhilash does just that. A single earring adds a bold finishing touch.


The Boho Tomboy

Who said you cannot have it all?Girly,tomboy,Bohemian..bring it on!

If you find the same old skirt and top combination too blah,this look is right up your alley.



We paired a crisp white men’s shirt with a gorgeous printed colourful skirt. The best part about accessories is that you can use them any which way you want. Here we have used a traditional silver payal as a headpiece,which ,along with the loose straight hair,adds a surprisingly bohemian touch.Now you know what to do what all the traditional jewellery you don’t know how to use-reinvent,reinvent! To add another unconventional touch,we used a pair of Nike Air sneakers with striped socks. Crazy,but it works. You can see how much Rithika is enjoying herself! Make up includes orange lipstick and heavy eye makeup- liner,gold eyelids and mascara.




Colour Pop


While the vivid blue of these palazzos is a statement in itself,we decided to amp the look with a gold necklace-worn as a headpiece. A simple cropped tee completes the look.



Abhilash is wearing a simple white kurta,paired with a pop colored printed shirt and blue jeans. Accessories include an skull printed scarf,which contrasts the bold print of the shirt,and glasses which pull the whole look together.


Move over,plain old LBD. Fusion Black Dress is here to stay.

While I understand the importance of an LBD in a woman’s wardrobe,the dress and heels look has been done to death. We decided to inject new life into it with these two variations.



You can pair your LBD with a men’s t-shirt,scrunched to give it definition. We added a further layer with an ethnic open jacket. Layered gold bangles and earrings you’d normally wear with a salwar suit add another dimension.Make up includes gold-tinged eye makeup,red lipstick and braided hair. Gold sequinned wedges complete the footwear.


If this look is too much for you,you can add just a single layer by pairing a bright plaid shirt with your LBD.

This brings our fusion fashion inspires look-book to an end. Big thanks to Dhruv Prakash for his always impeccable photography and of course my models Rithika and Abhilash for not only being amazing mannequins but also so easy to build a rapport with. Wardrobe/accessories/shoes credits to Rithika,Abhilash,Rutika,Ramita,Erende,Saloni and Dhruv himself for letting me raid their closets in my signature chaotic manner. Special thanks to Kushagra for bringing his spin to the Boho Tomboy shoot.

Also let’s do a throwback on the V-Day shoot we had done. We always give you good ideas for the perfect use of your wardrobe, don’t we?


Editor’s note: All photos belong to Phatman photo and any use of the same requires permission and on paper agreement of sharing. If this is violated, this shall be considered a photo property infringement. 


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