Best Parody Bands Ever

Who doesn’t like Music and Humour and sometimes, both of them together ? I present you the some of the best Parody Bands in existence that will have you in splits.

  1. Garfunkel And Oates



You may recognise the duo from their guest appearances in various sitcoms like Big Bang Theory ( Kate Micucci was Raj’s love interest and Riki was the Sheldon’s assistant).If hard satire coupled with the guitar is not enough for you then at least watch it for Riki Lindhome’s glorious flowing blonde hair, I know I do.


3. Bo Burnham

bo burnham

Now, what does Helen Miller’s disabilities, White Power and Rappers have in common. They are the subjects of Bo Burnham’s ever-expanding discography. Now, if you are a George Carlin fan and like your comedy to peppered with rhetoric, you are in for a treat. His songs go 0-100 really fast on a philosophical sense. Now, have a look at the link below while I question existence

2.Lonely Island

lonely island

Some of you may not know this but before Andy Sandberg was a SNL cast member and a television powerhouse, he was spinning heavily with his hip-hop trio. His offbeat musical sense of humour reached viral proportions with ‘Dick in a box’ starring Justin Timberlake. It went on to win an Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics, think about that for a minute. Their next single ’Jizz in my Pants’ went platinum and they haven’t stopped since. Let;s fall in love with Andy Samberg again.


1.Flight of the Concords.

flight of the concords

Make way for the only Grammy Winner in this list.Now, I know I’ll receive a lot of flak for putting Lonely Island on 2nd but anyone who knows them knows why they are the best. Flight of the Concords have gained cult status with their hit TV show of the same name. Thank the stars that the show made it possible to make music videos to their old songs, and you HAVE to check them out. It’s hilarious to say the least.



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