Girl,want to have some 4 botal Vodka?

There was once a table full of opinionated people with whom I was conversing  and the topic of music came around. I write about music not because it is nonchalantly easy, far from it but because my boss likes it. My boss and my colleagues think that music is an essential part of life and today I am going to write about two of the best songs doing the rounds – Chaar Botal Vodka and Babydoll.

To begin with some astounding stats about the stars of the songs : 1412112_orig
A clear indicator of how many times I have watched the songs’ videos. ( By the way ,the second column depicts 1000+1 =1001. The “1” is for the Shagun factor wishing for the well being of my dear Sunny. 



Again a clear indicator that I am going to be making graphs using age old MS Word for the foreseeable future. 

I think these two proven graphs would be enough for the credibility of the songs. As I am sure that there is no DJ or band in the world that can make us Indians be brought together. Imagine a wedding or any club that wouldn’t go mad when these two songs come on. No Deadmau5 or Tunak Tunak can match upto this. The amazing beats and lyrics are to die for.

Example : 

Baby doll 

Sone sone patole lakhaan
Sone sone patole yeah…
Ae takdiyaan rehndiyaan aankhaan
Ae takdiyaan rehndiyaan..


Chaar Botal Vodka

Chaar bottle Vodka
Kaam mera roz ka
Na mujhko koi roke
Na kisi ne roka.. (x2)

The number of girls with their whatsapp statuses as Babydoll are overwhelming. My phone with a 2GB RAM is not even able to handle them anymore. 200490

You surely are dying to hear the songs if you haven’t. As a renowned music critic for an online youth magazine, I urge you to put aside your brains and enjoy the new Bollywood music. Shake your ass to Yo Yo Honey Singh and glue your eyes to the screen for Sunny Leone. Clearly she looks better in the video than Sonakshi Sinha coming out of the water in “Gandi Baat”.



Lately music in Bollywood has been about fancy beats and catchy if not logical lyrics and trust me it works. An album review of Trivium may not bring a smile to your face but I hope this does because like the songs, this article has a rhythm of satirical epiphany to it without making much of a sense. It is because we are Indians, we do what we want, we hear what we want. Here, cheers to being a part of the Derailed Douchebaggery family.


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