It’s all a piece of Judgement.

There’s nothing in this world which is right or wrong, everything is just is.

If you fathom the depth or the shallowness of the above thought, you might not be able to surface ever again and let me tell you something today, it would be for the best. The depths of this thought are mysterious to this world made up of rights and wrongs, corrects and incorrects, but holds meaning for those who are ready to peer above the hedge, who can dare. The depth, while may exert a lot of pressure on you, making you think and rethink all of your beliefs, you may stay there in the end with a pacifying realisation, that everything is just is.

A warning, keep in mind before you continue, this universe is wide and so is your field of thought.

A small question to your belief system – How do you conclude that an action is right or wrong, positive or negative? If you are wondering on the answer, let me simplify it for you. Your psyche is largely dependent on the process of your growth and your background. If your parents were religious or idealists, you are bound to have a pre-established set of notions as to what actions in this world are right and what actions are wrong. In fact, even if you didn’t, this world outside the four walls of your home, leaves no stone unturned to teach you the difference between positive and negative. You are a consequence of the world around you. You are not truly yourself, but an amalgamation of thoughts, actions and beliefs of this whole universe around you. So how can you say, when you say that “I believe what they/I/he/she did was wrong/right”?

There’s nothing that is right or wrong in this world and there’s no premonition that is rock solid. Every coin has another side and so does the theory of judgement. The real unease is caused when you start asking questions, then how do we separate ourselves from animals? The million dollar question which ahs been the saviour of humankind for ruling the world every time. Rules were made to differentiate the living standard and superiority of humans. We are civilised. But how do these rules help evolve? When was evolution fastest? When there was no understanding of the standards of right and wrong when people just did what they did. The got hurt or felt pained as a consequence of an action, they didn’t repeat it, but they didn’t judge it as right or wrong. The reason that we seem to have stuck I the path of evolution or much more so on the path of growth is because our freedom now has boundaries hence restricting us from growth.

Then what do we do if we don’t judge? We just do, with no set chain of reactions. That girl with such short hair that her scalp is visible, don’t cringe at the sight of her, that’s a premonition you have that “it’s not pretty”. Don’t ridicule a certain someone who is a robber by profession, because maybe he was born with nothing but the art to loot someone. And don’t feel that you have the right to call someone a demon when your’s is just a pacified one. From today, stop evaluating every action and start letting things be. The moment you feel pain, cease the course of flow and bend your ways, but don’t judge it as bad, because it’s always just a premonition, which could be wrong in someone else’s book. The moment you let go of the compulsion you face to brand everything in this world, every little detail as right or wrong, you feel a huge weight lift from your shoulders. And more important than lifting this weight is to stop worrying about the premonitions which others have established for themselves.

The world was not created to brand the tiger as bad and the rabbit as good, but rather it was created to coexist, just that. Everything else is a forcibly defined notion which you feel is important to sustain this world as created. You need to stop with your judgement and just let things be.


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