My girlfriend is cheating on me with my best friend…Need Help!

I did not want it to come to this but with a heavy heart I am writing this and hope it reaches to the masses and my story is heard.

My girlfriend is cheating on me with my best friend.

I don’t quite know if it’s my fault but I introduced them just like anyone would. We used to chill a lot and they became quite friendly. My best friend is a funny and good looking chap so most naturally he usually gets all the attention he wants. I always thought he would dare not have an eye on my girl. She denies it and thinks that I am mad. Am I?

Let’s do a brief recall as to how I came to this conclusion.

Week 1

My girlfriend moved in with me about a month ago. We have been together for 7 months now. It was all very nice. I used to stay with my best friend and when I asked him if I could get my girlfriend to come stay with us, he was nice. He seemed excited when I asked this question. A little too excited, I think. He had met her before and both seemed to have hit it off and since my girlfriend and I were getting serious, we thought let’s move in and make our lives easier.

Initially it was all bliss. She was happy, I was happy, the best friend was happy and we were like a small happy family. She would initially be hesitant to get intimate and have sex with me when he was around. She said it just felt weird having someone around. It was understandable and I did speak to my best friend about it. He didn’t really care for it and I thought she’d come around. If we are to live together, she should eventually be okay with it.

She did and we were literally fucking day and night. It was all we ever wanted, a place to ourselves where we could lose all essence of the world and just indulge in each other. This continued for a week.

Week 2

After that, she started asking me to do all the chores of the house. Setting up new lights and making space and would often send me to get new furniture or groceries.

At first, I thought it’s because she needs this to be a home and not just a place where me and my ‘bro’ can chill all day like Joey and Chandler. Mind you, he was never asked and she started getting comfortable with him.

Whenever I used to return home, I used to now find them both sitting on the bed and chilling. I trusted them and never thought anything was wrong.

Week 3

By now, I had started getting a bit restless about the situation. I am an open-minded person and I did not want to accuse either of them about anything without any hard proof because I loved both of them. Both were really important to me and it was ludicrous to think that they would do something to hurt me.

One day, I came back from work and found no one home. I called my girlfriend, she didn’t answer. She had left the phone at home.

I freshened up but then it was almost like her phone was constantly calling out to me to check it. I knew that if I did go behind her back and checked her phone, I was officially crossing the line and suspecting her of cheating on me. I resisted and waited for them to come back. When they returned, I asked her casually where she went. She seemed sweaty and out of breath. He seemed a bit tired too. “It was a walk and a run. He gives me a good exercise and he is quite naughty.” She said. A played along and said “Haha. Next time let’s go do this walking and running together”.

Week 4

The walks and runs were now a regular thing. I used to wait alone at home staring at the clock and hating it whenever that damn bird came out to ‘cuckoo’ about the time. Was time mocking me?

There, I had my chance. She had left her phone at home again. The big dilemma returned.

I started at it for a good 15 minutes. Tick…Tock…Tick…Tock…Swipe!

I went to her gallery and saw that it was filled with pictures of him and of them both. The gallery which was dominated by me was now all about him. Yes, I did feature in a few pictures of all of us and some pictures of us as a couple, but what was this.

What do you think I should do? I am writing this and I hope one of you can help me understand if I should confront her about it or not? I don’t want to lose her and I don’t want to lose my best friend.


Sharing a picture for you guys to judge and tell me. Help!

My girlfriend and my best friend

I don’t know how to tell my best friend off because he is such a good boy.

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