This moody bitch is actually the real me.

Are you that person who gives the worst first impression? Are you that person who judges people left, right and center, cannot pretend and put up a fake smile? Often told to keep your words limited and try not to be too blunt?

*I am listening to Alicia Keys’ “This Girl is on fire” and what a song, damn woman! Playing it for you while you scroll down to read more.*

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Well, let me start with the generic statement, IT IS OKAY TO NOT CARE. In simple words, you are doing great in life because you do not give a flying fuck about things and people who are not making a difference in your life. Now obviously this does not mean you have the right to be rude and go all Dudley Dursley on people. Stupid Muggles!

Zone out from the BS. Not caring what people think/talk about me in front of me or behind my back is totally what I live on with. It is okay because I have chosen to be me, and not be what someone else wants me to be. In any case, if I trip and fall(which I do most of the times because I got a weak foot), I am not going to worry about people laughing about my little stumbles and failures. They are my failures, I will definitely learn something out of them and come out to become someone better and do greater things further in life.

I am not afraid anymore. I cry if and when I want to. Just because I cry does not mean I am weak, it means I am strong enough to put down my guards and rise up stronger than before even after all the waterworks. I fight for what I believe is right, I do not go keeping it all in and letting it go. Letting go off things is a good path to take but not always. I don’t worry much about anyone backing me up because I have come to terms with this world and I know there are very few people who will always have your back. Unfortunately, you won’t have these mains of yours always around you!

I don’t wait for approvals, I don’t wait for validations. I do my own thing. The world is heading to a bad place(with Trump being the president and lynching of people being an everyday headline, you must get a hint now). And in this world, if I start caring about everyone to give me a green signal then I would never be able to reach even the halfway, forget the finish line to what I started. Not always can I put up a happy face and an “everything is okay” smile because I feel everyone is entitled to their emotions, to their feelings. Why not?

Why pretend to be all happy and great when you are clearly stressing the shit out in life? We are not puppets. This is not just about me, this is about a lot of you who are like me. We cannot always do ‘everything’ we are expected to do. I choose to speak up, quite often rather because I feel bottling up things increase the hatred inside. And then one fine day it comes out like a volcanic eruption. I choose to speak up because I totally know what I am saying(not always for sure, sometimes I just blabber because PMS), I will raise my voice if I have to make someone or everyone hear me out. As much as soft talk works for people, but for me, it does not always work.

This world does not work on “Give respect and you get respect” behavior anymore. Been there and done that, proven wrong every time. Tried and experimented an endless number of times and failed every time.

I have got my agendas of being ME clear, have you got yours right?

So be a good honest human, always show humility, be helpful and kind but when there is a need to be upfront & straight, and you need to set boundaries and clear out the menace around, be like the blunt old prick, even if it has to be to your lover or a stranger on the street.

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