Touching Story of ‘Veterans of India’ Through a Facebook Page

A lot of you may remember the One Rank One Pension (OROP) movement last year, but what you may not know that it set off Nachiket, a 20 year old engineering student to start a movement to bringing their struggles into forefront.

Nachiket Pande took off with his journey after attending the OROP protest site. As an Army brat he grew up hearing stories about the Armed Forces and he decided it is about time their stories deserved a wide audience .Thus ‘Veterans Of India’ came into being..

When I was a young soldier, we were preparing for ’71. We could hear patriotic songs playing everywhere, people were highly motivated. Everyone wanted to volunteer. I was a radar specialist, when I left Military College, Secunderabad, the mood at the railway station was amazing, people were getting delicious food for soldiers, women were tying “rakhis” it was amazing to see all of this. We left for Bangladesh. We won. We had tears in our eyes.
He aims to bridge the gap between the people and the soldiers and the anguish everyday veterans have faced to preserve the present India. His stories includes heart warming and inspiring stories of ex servicemen and the response has been hugely positive from the servicemen and civilians alike.
vet 2
I’ve seen Goa,1962 and 1965 operations, I was in the back up operations in 1971 tasked with providing engineering support. I’m a Bombay Sapper.
My experience shows that war is always an extension of political aims, towards which the armed forces are used for the furtherance of political leadership. Time and again, after the aim is achieved the politicians and the people of India forget the armed forces, and over decades they are being treated as children of lesser gods, their rights are gradually taken away. Nehru was reported as saying in 1947 “fauj ki dum marod ke rakho” he was scared for a coup. He was responsible for the 1962 humiliation of the armed forces from which we haven’t recovered yet.
We are determined to get justice for veterans, widows and faujis and will continue our satyagraha. Jai Hind.
He signs off remarking “I aim to cognise the population that, having an opinion requires an aegis of a dedicated armed force.
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