World’, NAMOfied!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has been travelling along the meridian with a vision. Following is the crisp view of his steps.




As of August 2015, he has made twenty-seven foreign trips. Most of them were state visits to Asian countries.

  • He spent 28 days in Asia in 12 different countries.
  • He also spent 9 days in North America.
  • 6 days in South America.
  • 6 days in Europe & 5 days in Australia.
  • He spent 13 days abroad in November 2014 and 9 days in April 2015.

There has been a verbal harassment in his name regarding his international travels. Many of us are unaware of the the vivid pictures he has been painting for a better tomorrow. Reforms have begun and innovative initiatives in every sector have generated record optimism. The image of India all around the world has been enhanced. A lot of foreign companies are viewing India as its major investment hub and have planned to expand their thought.


Find out his steps interactively:

The NAMO Timeline!

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Siddharth Gumber

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