You and I need to talk about the awkward social hug

Whoever said first time sex was tough, didn’t have a taste of my social anxiety

We need to talk about something that happens every so often but everyone is so focused on other issues encompassing our miserable lives that we haven’t spoken about it till now.

It’s called – The Awkward Social Hug

No, this is not your regular hug that you indulge in with your close friends or parents or even pets. This is the hug that occurs probably the first time with friends of friends or colleagues of friends.

What do you do when your friend gets his batch of friends to a party and it is the first time you are meeting them?

Do you shake hands/say hi/hug them?

Now that is still fine. You can say hi and just move on being yourself to enjoy the night. Fast forward time and it is the end of the party – time to leave.

Enter anxiety. The following situations arise.

Situation 0: You lean in, they lean in. All is well.

Get in!

Situation 1: Person A leans in to hug but you extend your hand for a shake.

What do you do then? I mean I get all spastic after that and go in for ‘The Awkward Social Hug’ but haven’t I ruined it already?

Situation 2: I lean in for a hug but Person A extends their hand for a shake.

Wait, their arm just touched my stomach. That’s just bad. Should I act all happy-go-lucky and still steal the hug and basically grope them? No? Wait, that’ll be awkward right?

Situation 3: Person A (Opposite sex) leans in for a hug and you don’t want to so you extend the hand

Do you come across as distant or snobbish? Is person A being chape? Wait, what?

Situation 4: Person A (Opposite sex) extends their hand but you lean in for a hug.

Lol, you creep!

Situation 5: It is a group of people

Let’s just do a group hug.


Situation 6: You hug Person A (opposite sex) but person B (opposite sex) is standing next to them but you didn’t really talk. Do you go in for a hug or not?

Wait, if you just shake hands, does that mean you didn’t like them? What are they thinking?


Situation 7: They just lean in and catch hold of you and hug you to never let go


Can we just establish a simple rule explaining How to hug or how not to hug?

Let’s fight the menace of #AwkwardSocialHug together. This is a call to start a movement, guys.

PS: I tend to overthink 😝 but I am sure you have gone through this too.

Since you went through the article, here is a hug for you.



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